NASP-IMDS 2011 at Oregon State University

Travel and Lodging

Students will need to secure transportation to the lodging site, via the Portland or Eugene airports, available commercial bus services or rental cars, arriving in Corvallis no later than 7:00am on Monday September 11, 2017. On Sunday, a meet and greet will start at 7:00pm at the Hilton Garden Inn, please join us if you have arrived.

09/10/2017 to 09/15/2017: Hilton Garden Inn, Corvallis, Oregon
09/15/2017 to 09/17/2017: Shilo Inn, Oregon Coast
09/17/2017 to 09/22/2017: Hilton Garden Inn, Corvallis, Oregon

Hilton Garden Inn Corvallis Oregon

Hilton Garden Inn – Corvallis, Oregon

ARRIVAL on Sunday, September 10, 2017
A room has been reserved in your name at the Hilton Garden Inn, Corvallis. Check-in is anytime after 3:00pm on Sunday, September 10. Upon arrival, request your room assignment from the front desk agent. Your room and tax will be direct billed to the conference. A credit card will be requested for incidentals. This credit card will not be charged unless you post items and/or services to your room. A breakfast is available each morning in the hotel lobby.

ARRIVAL on Monday, September 11, 2017
If you choose to arrive on Monday, September 11, please go directly to Richardson Hall by 7:30am so we can get you registered. You may check in the hotel on Monday after class.

DOUBLE ROOMS: Double rooms are available for those wishing to share rooms. Both parties must agree upon this arrangement. Please contact OSU Conference Services if this option interests you.

Getting to Corvallis from PORTLAND
Sunday, September 11th Flying into Portland (PDX) is typically the most cost effective option with the most available flights, and there is a dependable shuttle service run by HUT Shuttle to get you to Corvallis (the Hilton Garden Inn).

A comparable alternative is an Enterprise rental car — they have cars right at the terminal. If you are interested in rideshare please use the ride share page.

Getting to Corvallis from EUGENE
Flying into Eugene may be an option for some folks, and it is only an hour from Corvallis. Here is a link to the Eugene Airport so you can explore rental car and other transportation options. The OMNI Shuttle Service provides door to door shuttle service from the Eugene Airport to Corvallis. Reservations are required. And I know that some folks will just be driving in – we’ll ask you to identify yourselves when you ‘register.’

We officially start classes on Monday morning, September 14, 8:00am, at the International Living/Learning Center.

Sunday Evening, September 10, 2017: On Sunday evening, I will host a gathering at the hotel, in order to start getting to know the group (or at least those that have arrived by a reasonable hour).

Getting home – Friday, September 22, 2017: We will adjourn after lunch on Friday – targeting 11:45am.

Again, we can help facilitate bundles of people into rental cars — it is a two full hours to PDX but a quick car drop and walk into the terminal. It is less then one hour to the Eugene airport. Portland departures: HUT shuttle departs Corvallis at 12:00pm, arriving at PDX at 2:30pm. Allow two hours for check in and security.

Eugene departures: We can look at this as a group and schedule departures through OMNI Shuttle for those that need transportation. Check-in and security can probably be cleared in 1.5 hours.

If you are interested in coordinating a rideshare, please use the ride share page on this website.

Accommodation requests related to a disability should be made in advance of any scheduled event to [email protected]